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  1. I have been using Simpsons complete for a few months now and we are very happy with it’s results. Both my dogs have been changed over to Simpsons and there is never any food left in their bowls anymore. Their coats are very shiny and are generally looking healthy. The service Shane provides is great and I recommend it to anyone who asks. The price and quality of food are great in such a competitive market. 🙂

  2. Excellent product, brilliant service – what more can I say! Our gluten-intolerant, 13 year old Springer loves the duck and salmon and it seems to be helping her creaky joints – heartily recommend!

  3. We have been feeding Simpsons Premium food for several months to three of our four dogs…. two Collies & a Newfoundland. We opted for the Chicken & Potato as one of the collies has developed a wheat & gluten intolerance. Our Newfoundland also used to suffer regular outbreaks of wet ezcema but since changing their food all of their coat conditions have improved and the skin problems have almost disappeared.

    Both of the collies compete regulalry in Agility, and train a couple of times a week, on top of their normal daily exercise. This food gives them boundless energy – but not the hyperactivity you get with some better known foods containing fillers & colourings!

    And to top it all, the dogs love it!…….. you can’t get better feedback than that 🙂

    The service K9 Meals on Wheels provide is second to none – they are incredibly knowledgable about the products they supply & Shane always emails to confirm when the food will be delivered.

    I would highly recommend this food, and this company, to anyone wanting to provide their dog with a top quality diet, at a reasonable price.

  4. Fantastic food and service. Shane has gone out of his way to ensure that the food is delivered on time and my dogs love it. My mother’s dog has a very sensitive tummy and is extremely fussy. However, on a trip to visit me, she fed him some Simpsons and he actually ate it and it didn’t upset his tummy. She is now bought a year’s supply to take to Spain with her!
    I would definitely recommend this food and Shane’s friendly, efficient service.

  5. Shane has been providing our dogs both past and present for a number of years and we have experienced nothing less then oustanding service. Shane always has food available and is very accommodating in collection times/dates. The quality of food is exceptional and has suited my dogs well.
    Shane provides a truly professional service and provides many dog owners with a quality product at a quality price.

  6. My English Springer was on Arden Grange before prices went through the roof. Shane told me about Simpsons and my mad mutt has been on it ever since. I was tempted to use cheaper food but through Shane’s experience and knowledge in all things canine, I soon saw the wisdom in paying that little bit extra.
    Highly recommended.
    Scott Rothney

  7. Changed seven out of our eight dogs to Salmon and Potato. All older dogs some of whom have sensitive stomachs.
    All of the dogs are doing well; possibly too well as putting on a bit of weight.
    I’ve already recommended the food to friends.
    High quality food at a very reasonable price 🙂

  8. Recently moved all my dogs over to Simpsons food. After being recommended to this product from a good friend.

    My 11 year old dog had become a fussy eater and alone with arthritis and sensitive stomach I am always reluctant to change his routine. Simpsons food has given my older dog a new kind of energy and since being away from grain based food my older dog has now finally stopped scratching. Within a week of going over to Simpsons we noticed he stopped chewing at his front leg, and finally the hole that had become a permanent feature has nearly disappeared.

    All my dogs have made it very clear that they like this food. My 10 month old puppy has even learnt to open the door of the cupboard to have some more without me knowing about it!

    In comparison to other dog food websites. The post and packaging is more than reasonably priced. I have in the past paid substantial amount to have it delivered to my door and when it has arrived, often the food sack has been split. Simpsons food arrived in a substantial strong cardboard box. A very welcome surprise.

    More importantly, Shane is very knowledable about his product and therefore you as a customer are able to make a well informed choice.

    Will definately be recommending this website to my friends.

  9. Thank you Shane for advising us regarding the food for our black labrador.
    He seems so much more lively and healthy since changing to Simpsons. People often comment on how shiny and healthy his coat looks.
    Also, it is really great being able to talk to some-one like Shane who is so knowledgeable about dogs and their diet.
    P.S Thank you for delivering staight to our door too (very impressive!)

  10. We first met Shane at the Crocadon Produce Market in November last year. He very kindly gave us some free samples to try. Both of our dogs loved it straight away.
    Our Cocker Spaniel has always had very itchy skin. Shane advised us to try the Sensitive Simpson Food which is grain free, as he said the wheat and gluten in dog food can cause dogs to become itchy and have sensitve skin. To our absolute amazement, within weeks we could see a dramatic improvement. We are so pleased and happy. We can not thank Shane enough.
    The service he provides is outstanding. We rang him to order some food on Christmas Eve and he delivered it to us on Boxing Day!!! We also ordered again on Easter Saturday and he is delivering tomorrow (Easter Sunday).
    Shane thank you so much.

  11. I am delighted with both the service that Shane provides and the quality of the dog food. My dog was previously fed on Burns and i was a bit worried about changing her food, however with Shane’s advice we switched to Simpsons and she loves every mouthful! In addition her coat is glossy and her eyes bright, clearly a good sign of a healthy dog. Big thanks to Shane for such a great reliable service.

  12. What a difference Simpsons has made to the health of my dog. After being recommended by the vet to use their “premium” food at premium prices there was little difference!
    After a chat with Shane and a change to Simpsons my Retriever is thriving and is half the dog he used to be 🙂 I also feed the puppy food to my Cairn and he loves it.
    Shane delivery service and advice is first class, even when his customers forget to turn up, oops……Excellent service

  13. Thanks for the quality service, very professional and great value
    My two dogs are doing great on this food (lamb and rice) and compared to other high end brands is very cheap in comparison.
    Keep up the good work Shane

  14. We have used k9 meals on wheels for a while now and have always found the service excellent. The food is ordered easily and always delivered on time. It is an extremley professional set up that I would recommend to anyone.
    The food itself is great. We used to feed Arden Grange and tried Simpsons after the prices of Arden Grange kept rising. Our German Shepherd has changed easily to this new brand and has a shiny coat, bright eyes and loads of energy! He is a good advert for this food!
    Would definately advise anyone to give the food a try and to utilise the excellent service provided by K9 meals on wheels.

  15. Hi, please leave any comments you have about the food and the service received on this page. Thanks. Shane

    1. We cannot thank Shane enough for the wonderful Senior/Light Chicken & Rice supplied for Oliver our elderly Labrador. Oliver has severe arthritis and the extra Glucosamine and Chondroitin in this food has assisted him greatly. We won’t be buying any other food.

      Thank you also to Shane for his professionalism and understanding, nothing was too much trouble.

    2. We have been buying food from Shane for a while now. Shane is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
      Keisha loves Simpsons food and she is always getting comments about how glossy her coat is and how healthy she looks!
      Thanks Shane for a wonderful service 🙂

    3. Hi Shane
      Just to say thank you very much for your service and knowledge, you clearly know your stuff. simpsons is clearly a quality feed at reasonable prices. Our GSD Ebon has never looked so good, his coat is shiny and he is full of life and energy that only comes with a healthy balanced diet. Thanks again, we will see you soon. Vicky and Eb.

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