Hints and Tips

The fabulous SWAG headcollar!

Pulling dogs can be an issue for many of us particularly when walking multiple dogs at a time. There are many products available on the market today that when used alongside effective training can help but some are more effective than others.

All dogs are different, some walk better on a harness others on a collar and lead and some respond well to a head collar.

With many head collars available it’s hard to decide which to use. The original Haiti or Gentle Leader are designed to connect to the lead under the dogs chin which does give a degree of control but can cause twisting of the muzzel, riding of the collar into the eyes and yanking of the neck.

We really like the SWAG head collar made here in Cornwall by South West Agility Goods. It is a figure of 8 design which connects behind the head meaning if the dog should lunge there is no sudden twisting and potential trauma to the neck. It’s fleece lined and comes in a fab variety of colours to suit your dog. There are also leads available to match. Check out the website. www.southwestagilitygoods.co.uk


Several customers have asked about protein and how it may put on weight. I can assure you that protein has absolutely nothing to do with weight gain. Protein builds the very fabric of the body on a daily basis and only becomes an issue if your best friend has problems with his or her kidneys. If you suspect a problem you must consult a vet for advice.


Having problems with your dogs behaviour?
Have you considered CLICKER training !! Shaping the right behaviour ignoring the bad behaviour. It really works BUT! you must put the work in. I can assure you the results will be amazing!!


Simpsons Premium dog food is designed to be very palatable, even to those fussy dogs. I accept that there are some dogs who struggle with a change of food. If you are giving your dog tit bits during the day, cut them out for the time being. Try pre soaking the food to release the flavour. Only leave the food down for 20 minutes. Have an area where your dog can be left alone to digest his food in peace. No one wants your dog to go hungry. You must be patient and not give in at the first hurdle. Dogs love routine, so it may be all about changing yours.
If you need any help/advice just get in touch. I can give you good examples of where patience, together with a change of routine, has paid off.