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Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

Does your dog suffer from this? There have been clinical trials to try and establish what would be the best diet to feed, lower on fibre and grain/cereal free, not all dogs with the problem will benefit from this but studies undertaken are now showing that these foods could be beneficial Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency has a wealth of information. Simpsons sensitive range has been recommended in the fight against this condition.

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Salmon & Potato

This particular sensitive food is having great results on dogs with allergies and upset tummies. If all else has failed then at least give this a try. 45% Salmon has to be good for your dog and at only £39.45 for a 12kg bag I think you will struggle to find a product at this quality for less money.

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Simpsons Sensitive Range

This range of food is becoming very popular,especially with skin problems and sensitive stomachs. The messages I am getting from customers are very positive with many of the problems clearing up after a few weeks. It’s not a miracle food and won’t solve all the problems, some of which may need medical attention from a vet. Get in touch if your dog has similar problems and I will do what I can to advise you on which food to try .