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Simpsons Sensitive Range

This range of food is becoming very popular,especially with skin problems and sensitive stomachs. The messages I am getting from customers are very positive with many of the problems clearing up after a few weeks. It’s not a miracle food and won’t solve all the problems, some of which may need medical attention from a vet. Get in touch if your dog has similar problems and I will do what I can to advise you on which food to try .

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  1. Hi, i have got a dogue de bordeaux and my husband has been giving bakers since a puupy he is 13 months old now but he is always sick i want to rule certain things out so i am worming him and checking to see if i am giving him the right food, i would like to change the food he is on to see if that helps, is there any chnace you could tell me if you sell the simpsons sacks of food, how much they are and can they be delivered, also is there any chance you could give me abit of advice as to why you might think he is sick every other day could thnis be the bakers??
    worried owner 🙁
    looking forward to your responce
    kind regards
    Debbie Hulme

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