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Cereal In Dog Food

I am often asked about the amount of cereal in dog food, the rule of thumb is that the low to mid range products contain a considerable amount. While the inclusion of some cereal is a good energy booster, many products use it as a filler to bulk out the lack of meat and other quality products like rice. The body does not absorb this amount of cereal so there is only one place for it to go !! those of you who use foods like Bakers/Wagg/Beta, which all contain low, poor quality amounts of meat derivative (who knows what they grind in to that !) as low as 4%, would see a huge difference in the amount of waste in a better single sourced higher meat content product with less cereal. The body absorbs much more of the content because of its high quality. Not to mention the subtle changes in your dogs health and well being, and possibly behaviour. I accept that cost at times will be an issue but just because you feed a better quality food it does not have to be expensive. I welcome any views dog lovers may have.

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