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Take The BAKERS Challenge

If your reading this then like me your passionate about your dog and their health and well being. I very much believe that using a dog food with the best ingredients you can afford not only benefits your dogs long term health but will also leave more money in your pocket using a more nutritional food and feeding the right amount. You need to feed twice as much cheaper cereal packed product to get the same nutrient benefits compared to a higher meat and less cereal food.

Have you noticed how much waste your dog produces on BAKERS? is your dog too hyper? is it drinking a lot of water? are you having behavioural problems? if the answer is YES to any one of these then you need to change your dogs food. High levels of SALT and SUGAR are put in the food to make it more palatable, of course your dog will eat it and you like the colours in the food!! all this is artificial colours and preserved in one of the very worst preservatives you can have in dog food BHA/BHT. Google it and read it for your self, you will be horrified. Its banned from the human food chain! ask yourself why!!!

The challenge: If you live in my catchment area for free local personal delivery I will match your local pet shop price on BAKERS for 2 months, you wont believe the difference . I would be available to assist you in monitoring your dog should you wish me to particularly in the amount of food given. Even if you decide that Simpsons Premium is not for you I can recommend products that are far better than BAKERS at a reasonable price, a dog not on BAKERS will be a healthier dog in the longer term so what have you got to loose? take the challenge, tell your friends.